2023 Cadillac CT4 Specs

2023 Cadillac CT4

Embark on a journey of exhilarating performance and unmatched luxury with the 2023 Cadillac CT4. From its impressive Cadillac CT4 horsepower to the scintillating CT4 Blackwing 0-60, the CT4 stands as a true testament to Cadillac’s commitment to automotive excellence. Join Champion Cadillac as we delve deep into the Cadillac CT4 engine, performance figures, and other features that make this model a distinguished presence on the roads of Johnson City. Ready to learn more or take a test drive? Contact us today!

2023 Cadillac CT4: Performance Specs

The 2023 Cadillac CT4 specs truly shine when delving into its performance capabilities. At its heart, the standard CT4 showcases a compelling Cadillac CT4 horsepower of 325, promising an adrenaline-packed ride on every turn. However, for those in Kingsport chasing the zenith of performance, the CT4 Blackwing doesn’t disappoint. With its Twin Turbocharged V6 engine, the CT4 Blackwing 0-60 is nothing short of breathtaking.

The CT4’s Driver Mode Selector, a part of the comprehensive 2023 Cadillac CT4 specs, allows drivers to optimize performance across diverse terrains. Key performance features include:

  • The 2.7-liter Dual-Volute turbocharged Cadillac CT4 engine, emphasizes the Cadillac CT4 horsepower with 325 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque.
  • The stunning 3.6-liter Twin Turbocharged V6 engine of the CT4 Blackwing, not only boasts a staggering Cadillac CT4 horsepower of 472 but also an exhilarating CT4 Blackwing 0-60 time that has enthusiasts talking.
  • Advanced Magnetic Ride Control for an unparalleled driving experience.
  • Brembo® Performance Brakes, crucial in the Cadillac CT4 specs, ensuring utmost safety and control.

2023 Cadillac CT4: Key Features

Step inside the Cadillac CT4, and you’re introduced to an oasis of luxury and state-of-the-art technology. With features emphasizing the rich Cadillac CT4 specs, every trip becomes an experience in Bristol. The 8-inch infotainment display is a standard feature, showcasing the brand’s dedication to innovative tech.

For those seeking more luxury in Asheville, the 2023 Cadillac CT4 Premium Luxury trim is a visual and tactile delight. Additional standout features of the Cadillac CT4 interior include:

  • The 12-inch HD reconfigurable driver cluster complements the broad spectrum of Cadillac CT4 specs.
  • A 14-speaker Bose® premium Surround Sound system for an immersive auditory journey.
  • HD Surround Vision offers drivers a comprehensive view of their surroundings.
  • Front and Rear Park Assist is a testament to the Cadillac CT4 specs’ commitment to safety.

Embark on Your Cadillac Journey with Champion Cadillac

Exploring the 2023 Cadillac CT4 specs in Johnson City unveils a blend of sophistication, performance, and safety. Every Cadillac CT4, celebrated for its top-notch Cadillac CT4 engine and notable specs like the CT4 Blackwing 0-60 prowess, is supported by the Cadillac Premium Care Maintenance plan. Trust the team at Champion Cadillac with all your car buying questions and service needs.

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